Wolf Blitzer Is An Asshole

CNN and MSNBC aren't covering Barcelona to focus on....Trump's comments.

Shitheads. Morally bankrupted pieces of shits. Fake news without a doubt.

Wolf asks if the terrorists attack in Barcelona was a Charlottesville copycat. Either Wolf is that stupid and ignorant or he's a lying piece of shit to keep to a narrative.

Neither are good.

Because people walking innocently on a street is totes the same as Antifa trouble makers looking to provoke others.

Go fuck yourself Wolf and all your racist, ignorant, immoral, race-baiting, pompous asshole colleagues. 


  1. This is too funny. First off, I obviously agree with you 100%. Know how I found this page? I googled "wolf blitzer is an asshole", the EXACT same words. The media and the ultra left is just too much, and they are either too stupid or blinded to see that all they are doing is pushing centrist democrats, and others, away from them.

  2. Time for Wolf to look in the mirror then!

    That's what I was when I first originally started blogging - an old world liberal. Now I just rail against these idiots.

  3. Anonymous8/19/2017

    I, too, found this page by googling "Wolf Blitzer is an Asshole". How cool is that? Anyway, also agree 100%. Presumably, the vast silent majority will not consider that gibberish the next time they vote. Trump has a great agenda, one that he's been talking about for decades. He is not part of the political elite, and that's why Dems and Repubs both fear and hate him. Vote all incumbents OUT (unless you have a stellar reason not to).

  4. Oddly enough Wolfe claims to be a Republican ????

    It is the CNN culture and Ass Hole “ element rolls down from major chief Ass Hole Jeff Adam Zucker. I would say that the AHole A list includes Blitzer, Tapper, Acosta, Burnett and the A+ list includes the NY Governor’s little brother and cute Mr. Lemon. Only chance for these losers to have job.

  5. Why is Wolf Blizer an ass hole...? WE 60 YEARS OLD HAVE LOST ALL RESPECT FOR HIM...


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