Who Or What Is Donald Trump?

I'll tell you who-what he is.

He's the 'Get the ball rolling' President.

Here's why.

People focusing on his Tweets and his behaviour (and admittedly turbulent shuffling of characters in his administration. But even here, Presidents with experience weren't exactly always smooth in the early stages of their administrations including Obama) may not be paying close enough attention to what he's actually doing. Which makes me wonder if the whole thing is being done by design to detract statists.

For example, his appointments of Pruitt, De Vos and Gorsuch were excellent one. And despite having been a crony himself, he is rolling back policies in the EPA and CAFE that stifled industry and business. He sanely pulled the U.S. out of the Paris accords and demanding various international trade agreements be renegotiated or annulled. All trade deals that left the United States with the heavy lifting will likely not be honoured.

This is not just a breath of fresh of air; it's a massive change in tone.

On foreign policy, while he still seems to be open to continuing American military campaigns, he has stopped the previous administration's arming of the enemy in the Middle-East as well as the incredibly stupid gun running operation in Mexico that flouted Mexican sovereignty for whatever nefarious motives.

On civil liberties he's taking political correctness dead on and it can't come fast enough. And while the jury is out on whether he will make America great again - I'm skeptical given Sessions is planning to continue the war on drugs and he seems to be a tad to over zealous when it comes to law enforcement - it's best to remember Obama killed Americans who were never charged with a crime through his drone program. Until Trump maintains or surpasses Obama's 'secret kill list' he's better than Obama on this front. Which isn't all that hard to do given Obama was a big fat fucking zero on civil liberties.

And let's remember Trump has always been supportive of gay rights and marriage; Obama (and the black community and the Clintons to boot) weren't so much. But Ellen still loved the sucker anyway.

This is how you begin to 'drain the swamp'. All the hysteria is simply from those who irrationally think his cutting back on certain agencies will lead to some kind of calamity and those who benefit from its dirty hands. In other words, this is exactly what the country needed.

A non-careerist who seems willing to get that ball rolling. I don't see him running for a second term unless it comes to be accepted what he's doing. This is unlikely. It will be up to the next - hopefully a libertarian-ish - GOP President to continue. I don't see the DNC putting up any candidates other than far left ones so here's the political civil war folks.

Classical liberals, conservatives and libertarians may not like the messenger, but his message on certain things is a good one.

We should embrace it.

If anything, in the hope it does lead to meaningful change.


Logic and sanity begins to slowly assert itself again.

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