Antifa Didn't Beat Nazism

As you can tell, it's getting harder and harder to keep calm with the utter madness surrounding us.

I thought by now cooler heads would start entering the public foray thus freezing out illiberal forces.

It's actually getting worse. What's the count on Democrats calling on Trump's assassination?

Did we see a single public official or prominent person in the public sphere ever call for Obama's assassination or make a movie depicting such an act in the eight years he was in power?

This fabricated notion of Antifa comparing itself to WWII soldiers is one that really grates. It's despicable as it points directly to the fact they make up facts about history.

Anitfa is an illiberal group of thuggish misfits who society didn't ask for their help. They're the very classic definition of fascism. All they're missing is a color code.

I'll be damned if I sit by and watch them make such false and insipid claims.

Antifa can't beat Nazism or fascism.

It's impossible to win in shadow boxing.

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  1. **Sigh!**
    Haven't we all seen this story before?
    Like ...
    in the Bible? Cain vs. Abel?
    The Hatfields vs. the McCoys?
    Protestants vs. Catholics in Northern Ireland?
    Serbs vs. Croatia?
    on the big screen: Star Wars?

    ...there's always been some kind of diametrical dystopia throughout mankind's history, no?


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