Since We're On The Subject Of Revising History: Lenin Monument In Seattle Is Pretty Offensive

The left have opened a Pandora's Box they will never be able to close.

In setting its sights on the removal of Confederate symbols, they left themselves open to other groups demanding monuments of the left be removed.

Latest one?

The right want a statue in Lenin removed in Seattle.

I was surprised a city would honour a communist - an ideology that killed tens of millions. But then I saw it was Seattle.


Robert E. Lee or Lenin.

If you were asked who would you remove?

I know who I'd choose.

So the left want to sanitize the history of America but Lenin is totes cool?


  1. Hey, it's okay though.
    Mankind has evolved and improved so much now. We have finally reached our pinnacle of moral perfection in this advanced day-and-age of ours, so it makes sense to disavow any and all evidence of our past moral imperfections.
    We can now make like the past never happened. In our newfound state of moral perfection it's not like we still have any more need to "learn from history" the way we had to in the past.
    "The past" ...what's THAT? There IS no "past", remember?

  2. Or one can be highly selective of the past. The left is very good at this at the moment.


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