Didactics Isn't Comedy Nor Is It Compelling Entertainment

Have you noticed an uptick in celebrities using their platform to lecture audiences?

It's getting to the point I just don't watch TV anymore - and I really don't miss it. I'm just going to let this SJW trend pass by and come back maybe at some point once people recover their bloody minds.

SNL jumped the shark with that homage to Obama. The Late Night Talk circuit is just unbearable and insufferable. Yeh, like I want to tune in late at night to listen to fucking Seth Meyers takes on politics.


I may not be famous but I guarantee you Meyers doesn't read anywhere near the amount I do. And so when I listen to people like him talk I can but feel embarrassed. I understand he's probably preaching to choir but for the love of God whatever ever happened to the common decency and etiquette of not talking politics for its own sake at every single turn?

Meyers, of course, isn't the only one. Plenty of progressives engage in didactics passing off as comedy. And then there's the political satire shows which are farcically so infantile it's face palm inducing. Once upon a time people got off on Jon Stewart (he was okay I guess if you didn't consider him an actual intellectual) but that show has gotten worse with time and now it's the cocky John Oliver.

Comic books is another realm infected with the SJW virus. Marvel is willing to print horrible comics for some reason and don't think DC (seriously a Muslim superhero? No one gave a shit about the religion of legendary heroes but now this is supposed to matter? Moreover, they only add to it by making her Ancient Egyptian who weren't Muslim for obvious reasons. Just another example of progressive propaganda ignoring facts of history. Don't tell them Egyptians weren't black!) isn't getting in on the game. Apparently, 'representation' is important now.

Nothing is more pointless and a sure bet to lead readers into a bad experience than a comic built on 'representing' some portion of demographics that *may* feel alienated. Who the heck reads a comic and feels alienated? Were we supposed to feel alienated because of Bruce Wayne's wealth? Or Tony Stark's genius? Or Aqua-Man's telepathic powers or Wonder-Woman's vagina? I don't get it.

It's a horrible way to consume pop culture in my view. Not to mention probably stems from an existence that focuses too much on the small stuff.

Same with some musicians and comedians.

Now - raises fists - they're activists (after sleeping during Obama's Reign of Super Duper Mediocre Superficiality - and 'resisting' in their 'I'm on the right side of history' t-shirts.

Get the fuck out of here. Grow up.

And ESPN. Forget about them.

The lecturing has taken a life of its own. The arrogance (and in my view ignorance in some instances)  is palpable. You're not going to get a true debate or discussion of any substance out of ESPN for the simple reason it's a slave to PC and SJW.  How could you? For example, if statistics go against a narrative don't expect ESPN to be a voice of reason. Better to stick to the propaganda script.

*Honest* discussion my ass. They're not interested in any of that. They say they want that but it's all on their terms.

It's all so nakedly...pathetic.

And cheap.

The comedy and art is contrived and unnatural at the moment.

Like I said.

I'm just gonna kick back and let this train with bad apples pass on.

Maybe someone with something really important or interesting to say will come along.

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