The Nation Chooses Truth Over Narratives

Kudos to The Nation for publishing this interesting article about Russian hacking.

It essentially agrees and confirms this blog was correct all along in the fact there never was any proof. None. But that didn't stop people from buying into the lies and hysteria because Trump. It was pretty clear from the onset it was an inside DNC problem all stemming from Hillary's decision to stupidly and illegally set up an unsecured private server. It all flowed from this. Moreover, most of the sources the mainstream press was running with came form anonymous sources from the intelligence community. Meanwhile, Julian Assange maintained all along it was not a country that handed him the leaks, Greenwald debunked it early on and even tech magazines like Tech Dirt and Wired! couldn't conclusively say it was Russian hacking.

It should have ended there. But nope. A Federal case was made of it. Did you hear? Trump is bad because Russians!

The problem, as I argued, with the DNC and progressives hammering at this story is that it was dangerous and irresponsible to the point of making discourse toxic and ultimately angling and lusting for war with Russia.

Over a lie.

Once all settles, historians will look back with a sober eye and be able to glean over who was at fault and why. If not already.

That a progressive publication like The Nation took one of the first steps I've seen from the left to actually be honest about it is heartening and is a key way towards restoring actual debate across the ideological divide.

As you know, it's my contention the left is way too shrill, aggressive, intolerant and disinterested in actual debate.

The rest of us are just waiting for them to recover their bearings.

In fact, when push came to shove The Nation took a stand. They chose truth over a narrative.


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