Things We've Learned From Charlottesville

The left are allowed to provoke and use violence.
They're attacking speech they don't like because it offends them.
Democrats keep calling for Trump's assassination.
The liberal media lies at alarming rate to set a narrative.

All because the reading comprehension of people freaking out is frighteningly low. Examine what Trump said.

It doesn't justify the hysteria. Keep in mind, people lost their minds when he dared refer to 'Western civilization' during a speech in Poland. If you recall, that's a dog whistle term among the left.

If you're buying into this propaganda all I can do is point the fact you're a useful idiot.

No, Antifa didn't defeat Nazism. How can an organization defeat itself? 


  1. If someone calls for Trump's assassination doesn't that sort of put them on the same level as the 19th-century Confederates whose historic credibility they're eschewing?
    ...that being having an attitude of treason toward the current United States government?

  2. You're employing logic and expecting consistency to their intellectual arguments. This makes you a dangerous racist. How dare you?


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