You Oughta Help

There's plenty of evidence that humans are naturally 'communistic' creatures. That is, they voluntarily come to help thy neighbors. The idea that we must have the state interfere on our behalf is a fairly recent phenomena. This political socialism has proven to, if anything, bring much misery through coercion. Even its benign 'democratic' form has not provided the results intended. And therein lies a huge problem. Whenever confronted with the reality (backed by statistics) we choose to throw more money at a problem rather than offer any meaningful or innovative solutions so committed to the progressive collective. Make no mistake about it, ours - the West- has been a progressive experiment for well over 100 years now. The so-called 'neo-liberal' policies are more the exception than the rule.


I do not accept the notion of redistributive wealth without proper consent. Admittedly, I sway to and fro with the concept of 'the wisdom of crowds'; the notion that a majority of people possess the wisdom for our collective mutual benefit. I reckon this may be plausible in certain instances but how could seven out of 10 people actually profess to understand or know the particular and personal circumstance of the other three?

And as the video argues, where the minority resist, is it 'fair' or just to use force against them thus violating their rights; nay, moral conscience?

Currently, in contemporary times, we're witnessing tyranny of the majority. Be it Christian bakers being mauled by lynch mobs, cartoonists merely depicting a religious figure in ways not accepted to some, to people who absolutely can't tolerate other views (and I squarely and frankly assert the left are the worst offenders of such anti-intellectual that directly threaten civil liberties) publicly shaming them on social media and campuses.

Freedom of speech and expression is a preciously young concept. It must be defended at every turn.

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