The Law Of Suspects And 145 Intellectuals

How 145 intellectuals can be so stupid is beyond me. Quite frankly, I'm tired of pointing out why the way these people think is bankrupt, dangerous and plain wrong.

145 useless twats is what they are. 

We just have to keep fighting and forging forward.

I'll leave this here as a reminder:

"This law, passed on 17 September 1793, authorized the creation of revolutionary tribunals to try those suspected of treason against the Republic and to punish those convicted with death. This legislation in effect made the penal justice system into the enforcement arm of the revolutionary government, which would now set as its primary responsibility not only the maintenance of public order but also the much more difficult and controversial task of identifying internal enemies of the Republic—such as "profiteers" who violated the Maximum—and then removing them from the citizenry, where they might subvert the general will.

1. Immediately after the publication of the present decree, all suspects within the territory of the Republic and still at large, shall be placed in custody.
2. The following are deemed suspects:
1– those who, by their conduct, associations, comments, or writings have shown themselves partisans of tyranny or federalism and enemies of liberty"

They are enemies of liberty. Simple as that.

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