Daily Derp From Japan To Methodists

"First, it would create a third-party panel of experts to investigate claims of hate speech against the city’s residents. If the claims are considered legitimate, the city would make public the names of individuals or groups engaged in such acts."

Because experts can't be tyrannical.

This won't end well and totally see this abomination coming here.


No matter how hard they try to make gold from shit through their myopic intellectual diarrhea, the left will forever be useless and pointless in the West's forward progress. 

Apparently, the Jews have killed enough Palestinians through official genocide to approach the levels of what the Nazis did to the Jews in which six million (nearly half of their population) were murdered. Never mind that the Palestinian population has, what, quadrupled in the last 40 or 50 years?

Yes. Let's equate the two.

Jesus save me. We're in serious trouble with idiots like this walking among us.

It's amazing how they refuse to look at the role of the Arabs in the mistreatment of Palestinians.


Okay. Here's how I see thing unfolding.

What's probably going to happen is left-wing progressives will continue to twist and ruin the facts of history to the point of not being able to distinguish between fact and myth where they will bleed into one.

Once that happens there will be a final 'darkening' (I happen to feel we're in an intellectual dark age) where the truth will wallow in nothingness awaiting rediscovery; a New Renaissance once the books are dusted off.

They will imagine how in the world such meek and weak minds could have exerted so much influence.

It's one way I see this unfolding.

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