Pen's 145 Can Go Fuck Themselves

No seriously.

You're a bunch of assholes. Do you care whenever Christianity (Piss Christ anyone?) or Jews and Judaism are attacked.

Of course not. Because you're hypocritical assholes.

This is the exact same mindset that appeased Hitler, praised communists as they murdered their way through Europe and defended Mao.

It takes a remarkable world view to deliberately ignore satire when it comes to Islam.

Fucken sickening. 

But BRAVO to The Daily Beast. A liberal site I thoroughly have come to respect for their integrity:

"Charlie Hebdo would seem a rather obvious choice for a prize celebrating journalistic courage, considering the newspaper was firebombed in 2011 for producing cartoons satirizing militant Islam, lived with a heavy—but not heavy enough—security presence, and continued to raise a middle finger to those who threatened its journalists with death. But the award was an obvious choice that annoyed more than 200 PEN members—including Eric Bogosian, Wallace Shawn, Junot Diaz, and Peter Carey—who responded to the honor with a campaign of defamation against the dead. Charlie stood accused of, among other sins, trading in “selectively offensive material: material that intensifies the anti-Islamic, anti-Maghreb, anti-Arab sentiments already prevalent in the Western world.”

It was an odd sight; gauche caviar left-wing writers aligning themselves against slain soixante-huitard left-wing cartoonists, all while expressing sympathy with “devout” religious conservatives “humiliated” and “suffering” because of silly drawings from a low-circulation satirical newspaper."

AMEN, pal. Amen.

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