I Will Not Watch The 2022 World Cup; Sepp Blatter Must Step Down Immediately

And neither should anyone else for that matter.

An absolute disgrace and criminal enterprise that has led to deaths and will continue to do so in a country with excessive hot temperatures and no soccer culture of any kind.

Fuck FIFA and its corruption for giving the World Cup to Qatar. Cleaning up the mess means Blatter must resign as FIFA President. If he cares so deeply for the game as he claims, then this is the only proper course at this point with a criminal investigation now underway. And can I know how on God's green earth Blatter not among those investigated? Nothing gets done in FIFA without his tacit approval. He has more power than any political official in the world.

At this point, I don't see how Qatar and FIFA hold the World Cup given all the corruption that's taken place.

Time to perhaps hand it over to someone else.

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