Thug Is NOT The New Niggar

Seriously go fuck yourself if you're going to try and pull this shit.

No one, no community, owns a word.

I'll be damned if I'll be told what words to use because a community feels it targets them.

Thug is legitimate word to describe a criminal or asshole.

Those people in Baltimore are lootets; rioters and thugs.

When you burn your own community to the ground (200 businesses were destroyed) thug is an appropriate word.

Did I say go fuck yourself?

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  1. Remember the Strawberry Alarm Clock's 1968 single BAREFOOT IN BALTIMORE?

    Obviously that type of social climate no longer exists.
    Add to that the fact that I myself would never think to go barefoot in ANY major city anyway...

    Plus: I don't think Baltimore has ever been anything like San Francisco (the 1960s stereotype anyway).
    I'm not sure even "Frisco" itself ever actually lived up to that stereotype, even in 1967.

    There's nothing resembling "brotherly love" (or "free love") in Baltimore THESE days.


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