Climate Change Monsters Under The Bed

So Obama is concerned about climate change.



Despite controlling the narrative, scientists in Canada claim to be muzzled by the government.

Muzzling, censorship, whatever, all bad. I'd rather they just have their say. You know where I stand on this issue. I'm consistent. Unlike the middling, paid pundits with a platform to spew their tiny little ideas. Like, I don't know, people like Jonathan Capehart - Washington Post's finest - and his 'extremist' gibbering.

Let them own their words.

Nor do I go unhinged like the climate cultists asking for people to be imprisoned for having a different opinion.

Particularly given the horrible track record of accuracy on their side. Imagine putting people in prison for, say, having challenged Erhlich's assertion that 'England would cease to exist by 2000'?

Think about it.



In 5 or 10 or 15 years I bet none of their doomsday scenarios come true. Just like in the 1970s.

We must act....NOW!

/looks at watch. Looks at calendar. Days, weeks, months and years pass.

Ok. NOW!


Oh. About that accuracy.

Temperature tampering still happening.

Call me old fashioned but thank God for people who investigate and question what's being fed.

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