The town of Granby has made American news.


Quebec only seems to matter whenever we attack freedom of speech and expression.

And we do this very well. Too well I fear.

All of you - look at me. Every single one of you out there.

We're one step closer to being in a situation where criticizing politicians will be outlawed.

This is precisely why we must absolutely and unequivocally not allow politicians to control the internet. They will use it to muzzle the people.

Are you listening?

Let Granby be a retarded derelict among towns. As long as we don't let them become the rule. We must keep them as the exception.

It is absolutely staggeringly outrageous this law passed.

So. Without further ado let me stand and be heard on this matter.

Fuck you, Riel and the Granby council.

Undo this law. Now. It will take us places we don't need to go.


From the comments:

"Canada, Quebec, everywhere here, is moving so fast to the far right that pretty soon no will trust anyone. 1984 was supposed to be a work of fiction, not a guide for Canadian politicians."

No, honey. Socialism - the left - was the target in 1984.

And Quebec. Moving to the right? Surely you jest! Because of 'austerity'? Give me a break. Don't worry, hon. The thick veil of Quebec Scandinavianism remains in tact.

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