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“Who’s responsible for the immigrants who come and settle in Quebec?” he asked rhetorically. “It’s the federal government. It’s true it’s a shared jurisdiction, but they swear allegiance to the Queen.
“So we don’t have 25 years before us. It’s now that we have to get to work. It’s right now that we have to ask Quebeckers the question and make all the proper efforts to convince them.”

Pierre-Karl Peladeau.

Oh shut up you xenophobic buffoon.

Jesus Christ the PQ are a bunch of hicks.

This from a guy who once said to shareholders:

“I firmly believe that companies that do not have a global vision do not have a future.”

When it suits him, he's a man of the world.

Except for Quebec. Quebec has to remain the stagnant and insular entity in order to seize control.

Let's just say he's more of a attention-seeking opportunists than a visionary.

A Peladeau led PQ would be a one-way ticket to Smallerville.

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