Obama Predictably Vetoes Keystone Pipeline

"The vetoed bill — which was co-sponsored by Manchin — would’ve allowed construction on the Alberta-to-Texas pipeline to continue despite continued stalling by the Obama administration over the international venture. “How many times have you seen us do something bipartisan?” Manchin said on Fox News’ Cavuto, noting that nine Democrats voted for the bill. “The Canadians agreed on everything we ask for,” the senator continued, explaining how the nation agreed to use American-made steel and keep all oil that flowed through the pipeline in the U.S. domestic market. 
He also lamented the lost construction jobs and the safety concerns with transporting oil by rail. “I just can’t figure [the veto] out, I really can’t,” he said."

Obama has managed to hurt the Canadian economy as well since it impacts the tar sands in Alberta.

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