Lost Americans

The Obama has lost complete control on his foreign policy - whatever it was to begin with - is obvious to those who follow it. Take your pick. Libya, Syria, Benghazi, Russia and Ukraine and the meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood against the Egyptian government's wishes - the Americans are winging things under Obama without much strategy looks like. The messages between Rice, Clinton, Hagel, Schumer, Kerry, Biden and the President have been ridiculously disjointed.

Particularly when it comes to his rhetoric on Islamic terrorism. Clearly the President has an issue with the term 'terrorism'. So much so he engages in inappropriate analogies and historical relativism (yeah, extremists are bad but remember when we were bad, like, eons ago?).

All this is not lost on international observers. At least, under Bush there was a consistent message. Everyone knew where they stood. Not so with this administration. 

Time and again, again and persistently, the President fails to display his alleged oratorical strengths.

True, militarily, the President has been all too ready and willing to accept, support and enhance the Bush doctrine. However, his message remains too confused for allies; which is perfect for enemies.


The most recent example of how bizarre and even absurd the position of the White House can be seen in Marie Harf who is selling a point long proven to be misleading if not wrong. That is, poverty is what leads to terrorism.

No it doesn't. Most of its leadership and 'middle-management' come from privileged or comfortable backgrounds; often with an education. They don't lack for funds or smarts. So why would anyone in the high rises of American power politics continue to believe such nonsense?

Well. It's not that hard.

Look at the cherry on top.

The chocolate (or caramel) syrup flows down the sundae from that point.

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