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This is awkward.

For fuck sakes. Of course, the Jews were fucking targeted.

Good for the journalist.


NBC is really a joke of a news organization.
"NBC Wanted to Hire Jon Stewart to Host Meet the Press".


The uber-arrogance of an empty suit.

Obama goes after Staples.

I musta missed the part when Obama was an employer or held down a real job in the private sector.


"The Quebec police ethics commission announced on Tuesday that it has suspended Sgt. Michel El-Khoury for five days and Constable Simon Jetté for two days after the police ethics committee ruled last year that the officers used illegal force when arresting Dr. Jeffrey Sirzyk.
The incident began in February 2012 when police called the emergency room requesting information about a child who had been taken to the emergency room.
Citing privacy rules, a nurse refused to give details about why the child was brought to hospital, but said the child had been transferred to another hospital.
A short time later, two officers turned up and arrested Sirzyk. One of them grabbed him by the arm, pushed him against the wall and tried to drag him out of the busy emergency room as shocked patients looked on. Other police officers then arrived and instructed the officers to release the doctor. 

He was never charged."

The thing that really bothers me about this two boneheads is they could have affected someone's life as a result of their brutal and illegal behavior.


As usual, cops get a slap on the wrist for their unacceptable actions.


More police brutality.

This time in Alabama. 

Yes. I believe we should expose this every single time it happens.

Two excuses I notice are used to justify the indefensible. One is 'what did they do to provoke the officer?' and the other is 'why didn't they obey?'

Both are increasingly becoming tiresome. 


Fifty Shades of Steve Buscemi: 


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