With the North East from Montreal to Boston to Washington all the way to the Carolinas and Georgia getting hammered with snow, I guess now is a good time to bring up this gem courtesy of the New York Times titled 'The End Of Snow?'

You know, the more they - Tempastas' children - scream about 'statistics' and 'science' as well as screaming to arrest 'climate deniers' the more I'm getting the distinct cold shiver they're nothing but a bunch of hyperbolic cultists. Everywhere they look climate change is wreaking havoc including infectious diseases.

Bow before GAIA! If there's snow it's because of 'climate change'! If there's no snow it's proof of 'climate change!" And it's all man's fault! Him and his stupid patriarchal industrial capitalism. Pft,

Never mind that many of them really are anti-capitalist commies.

Forgive me if I've decided to turn my back on their message - including Gore, Suzuki et all.

Watch. When all this will add up to NOTHING some time down the road, you will not find one person among this sorry bunch who'd admit they bought into the hysteria.

They'll find a way to spin it so as to not make them look so incredibly naive and stupid. It never was about 'climate change' but SYSTEM CHANGE.

Even their message is confused.

Now if you don't mind I have some shoveling to do.

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