Financial Anarchy; Super Bowl Thoughts

I see the logic (and agree up to a point) or at least the compassion in social spending to help the needy. I also get the practical notion of getting people off the streets and away from a life of crime. So the thinking goes.

However, I have a question.

Have we traded social anarchy for financial anarchy?


Well, I picked a Ravens-49ers Super Bowl at the start of the season but in the final itself I leaned San Francisco; although Joe Flacco was making me very uncomfortable with that choice.

And he proved my gut right. Solid, solid game. A deserved MVP in what was a pretty entertaining game. A tale of two halves as it were with Baltimore prevailing 34-31.

Some quick off the cuff thoughts:

-Two defensive teams make an offensive positive. It usually happens that way in sports. The thing is, while they're viewed as defensive squads, they have pretty good offenses.
-'Cisco is kicking themselves in the butt with that 4th and goal miss. They were that close to mounting the biggest comeback in SB history. Down by as many as 22, the Niners battled back but came up short.
-Kaepernick's pick was the first thrown by a 49ers QB (meaning Montana and Young) in 170 attempts in the six SB's the franchise participated in.
-Is it me or was that power outage kinda unacceptable? It damn near changed the face of the game.
-How much did Beyonce add to global warming?
-The Ravens remind me of Italy in its hey-day in soccer. Not the prettiest but incredibly efficient at getting the job done.
-Baltimore is now 2-0 in the Super Bowl. San Francisco 5-1.
-Just glad I won't have to watch the macabre spectacle that is Ray Lewis.

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