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Australia is technically not "Western" but it can be considered part of our civilization.


Someone is thinking of the children!

I always joked about how disgusting it was to watch kids blow candles out but it never entered my mind there should be a law banning.

Alas, this is where we're at in Western culture. We producing nanny, coddled wimps.

"Here's your bubble ma'am. Make sure you wrap gently but firmly around your child. Don't want to be a strain on the public health system, right?"

/Moops! Moors! Moops!

Makes you want to go build a house away from the loons who are setting fire to Western civilization.

Brain dead progressive quote of the day from the link:

"DM poor reporting and lazy reporters, please get your facts right before publication, the fact are "THE "cupcake police" will not punish childcare centres that allow children to blow the candles out on communal birthday cakes" and "guidelines for childcare centres state children who want to blow out a candle on their birthday should bring their own cupcake - to avoid blowing germs all over a shared cake." also here is something the UK doesnt have, common sense. "There's a degree of common sense that has to be applied when you're interpreting these things."

Argggggh! We already "interpret" things in life on a daily basis!

How this can possibly be rationalized, I admit, is beyond my narrow, extreme mind to grasp. Apparently, there was no common-sense used prior to this insanity according to this guy. What's the point of adding yet another layer of red tape?

Dumb, dumb, paternalistic idiocy.

I see it every day dealing with the communists running subsidized daycare here in Quebec.

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