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We often hear politicians "say" people have a "right" to defend themselves but then turn around and see no moral problem when those who do are indicted by government prosecutors.

We see it time and again, law abiding citizens becoming criminals for merely defending their property or helping to save the lives of others.

We have patently absurd "reasonable force" laws that are enforced on the law-abiding victim but not the criminal.

I know, for example, if an intruder comes into my house and threatens my family (yeah, because they all come in with "peaceful" intentions of stealing iPads) and I use force the cops will slap the cuffs on me.

Such is the reality of things in the West.

Consider this story.

And this is the governments way of "saving and protecting the children?"

Get bent.

Of course, had it been David Gregory....


For your amusement.

I'm not the biggest fan of guys like Celente and Schiff but hey, this was good because, well just watch...

The person at 1:45 summarizes to perfection how people have become drones to the state. It's like they can't think or move rationally without government guidance. It's frightening.

People just sit around waiting for the command from Obama?


Anyway, we know the left and its supporters aren't very good at putting money where their loud mouths are. They just like stuffing it in other people's mouths screaming, "see, we told you so! It's good for you! Now pay up!"


  1. The link's broke. At one time when there were both home invasions rampant as well as a number of SWAT raids hitting the wrong addresses, I wondered if I would survive a SWAT raid after shooting the first guy through the door. Fortunately, I never found out.

    Love the Obama video.

  2. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jan/23/man-who-shot-dogs-biting-boy-could-face-charges/print/


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