British Health Fascism

I remember back in the hey-day when the war on smokers began. Some of the concerns raised then was it was going to be a slippery slope. Ban in it offices soon it would go to homes and then open public spaces. The defenders said "absolutely not" and that it was paranoia to think that way.

Guess what?

Do I need to tell you?

There isn't many places the war on smokers hasn't hit. All in just, what, 15 years?

And so it is with the disturbing news coming out of the UK about the government forcing doctors to disclose privileged confidential patient information. The British government wants to know the diet of its subjects.

NHS is promising that all documents will be erased once viewed.

/rolls eyes. Yeah right.

We in the West voted for the Welfare state and now the price of this is all too clear: Personal freedom. Financially and morally, it is repugnant how creepy the state has become under the guise of "progress" and for the "greater good."

We're screwed.

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