'Save Millions' The New God Complex Phrase Of Our Civil Masters

Have you noticed the latest trend among Criminal-ACME Anvil Inc? They like to say, 'we saved millions' a lot now. It doesn't have to be the 'vaccines'. It can be, for example, from  a certain Minister of Finance - I'm looking at you Michael Sabia -  saying the freezing of bank accounts was appropriate because there were  'illegal activities' and 'we saved millions of jobs.' Without citing a single source for the claim.

This nonsense of hyper-hubris all too typical in the new abnormal state of Covidistan began - as far as I can tell - with a mathematical model that claimed the 'vaccines' saved '20 millions lives'. Then Mannequin Jared Kushner promulgated this ridiculous claim with Larry Kudlow who played his 'yuk, yuk' part to a tee.

Sabia didn't save millions of jobs - mostly because the threat to the Canadian economy was over stated especially given the Ambassador's Bridge was opened before the EMA was dubiously forced on Canadians - just like the mRNA injections did not save 20 million people. In any event, that figure gets offset by the deaths and injuries it caused anyway. 

We're ruled by incompetent maniacs who are playing out the Peter Principle in real time and on our dime.

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