No Amnesty With No Accountability

"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." Voltaire.

"If you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror." V for Vendetta.


No justice, no peace.


I'm just going to superficially touch on Emily Oster. Substack and other publications have already swiftly responded with excellent thoughtful, philosophical and devastating rebuttals. 

Here's mine.

No amnesty without accountability.

No amnesty without an explicit contrite apology admitting you were wrong. Catastrophically wrong.

No amnesty if it comes with justifications, qualifications and excuses.

No amnesty without humility. 

And I didn't see a word of it in Oster's arrogant and tone-deaf decree. 

Amnesty suggests a pardon. It's not clear who exactly Oster wants amnesty for but it appears it's for her flock. If so, they do not deserve a pardon. They must first renounce what they've done to people and nations. They must come to the understanding and realization they and they alone - not misinformation or extremists - did incalculable damage to science and trust in all of our institutions.

The pandemic response was so hysterically irrational that it created its own virus that infected our institutions including the courts, education, academia, and politics. 

It will take a long time to repair the destruction and damage as well as repair the trust lost.

Academics, scientists and physicians in particular have been miserable failures. They showed once again the intellectual classes have no love for our commonly held belief in freedom. They and the weak political classes assaulted any semblance of respect and ethics of private and individual agency. It was a full frontal hostile attack on medical autonomy and informed consent and the right to choose.

All based on deception and lies. We know this was never driven by evidence-based science or public health. They used public health as a guise to concentrate more power and few countries did this more aggressively and cynically than Canada. 

Canada lost a lot in this disaster. It lost its sense of empathy and compassion. It costs its reputation for being stable and sensible. It lost its dignity and self-respect. It became a cruel and callous country easily manipulated by inferior and cynical actors in media and politics as well as public health.

When one asks how did the Nazis do it, well, pay attention. It happened in real-time. Just replace the Jews with Covid.

It's not the truckers or unvaccinated or anyone else who posed any threat to you whatsoever. It was your own institutions. 

It was the battered wife syndrome and Stockholm syndrome combined into one vicious syndrome. They played you and you refused to see.

When people tried to point out there was plenty of credible information challenging the entire narrative, you responded impatiently, arrogantly and angrily with 'tin foil hat' memes. Right. They got 'lucky for the wrong reasons'. Except they were following established knowledge and experience. It is YOU who tried to reinvent the wheel because you allowed panic and hysteria to guide policy.

I'm sorry you were foolish and ignorant enough to believe masks made a difference. That's not luck on my part. It's plain common sense backed by data.

You would have seen it if you had an ounce of courage. 

But you were fearful and dragged everyone down with you because you were the 'expert'.

Imperfect knowledge you say? With imperfect knowledge should come humility and wisdom. Where was it? Did you actually think and believe an experimental vaccine was going to 'end the pandemic?' Was it wise to do what we did to kids? 

Look deep within your conscience. 

The funny part of all this is 'this side' was following science that was long-established. Sweden was the only nation on the planet to have the courage to adhere to what was already known. Why this is so should be investigated. That is, why did every allegedly advanced nation completely break with all of it in ONE single month? A couple of reasons include the fact the WHO changed the definition of what a pandemic was to the point anything qualifies as such in 2009. Another is the uncomfortable reality that scientists have indeed messed around by creating more dangerous viruses (likely to sell more vaccines and to claim patents that pay royalties as well as to be part of the unhealthy 'revolving door' system set up between health agencies and private enterprises. All pose a direct threat to liberty as they suggest a medical tyranny)  and were already planning for pandemics through 'war game' scenarios such as Event 201 involving major health and political players such as Johns Hopkins, Bill Gates and BARDA/DARPA. Ask yourself how they know a pandemic was coming in 2020? Dr. Fauci explicitly said one was coming. There's little doubt this is a lab leak event. The result is a revolutionary change in what they're forcing into your body.

It will need to be stopped because scientists like Dr. Baric are continuing to mess with nature to this day. Then there's the other aspect of linking climate change with health. As Tedros recently declared, the climate is public health. Remember when the 'conspiracy theorists' warned that passports were coming and that the plan was 'boosters for life' only to be dismissed in 2020? Well, they also astutely warned to lockdowns for Covid were a bridge to climate lockdowns. People need to understand there's another game in play parallel to what the fake news media is feeding them.

I won't even delve into the lab leak theory and that the virus was created in a lab. That this appears to be a massive experiment on the human population by the U.S. military. This has been widely believed within virological circles from the get-go. Too many odd instances, leaks and flip-flops make this obvious.  To plead ignorance on this is to either be part of the crime or supremely naive. 

The story arc of Covid can spin in several directions all connected to one another. It is sci-fi, thriller and crime movies and novels all rolled into one. For those of us following and paying close attention, we can keep up with the furious evolving flow of data and information still filtering out about the greatest crime in human history. Not so much for the average person. The trusting normie as it were. 

It's not a theory. It is a conspiracy. They're all but constantly telling you to your face this is what they aim for.  They just say it with a smile assuring it's all necessary. It's not.

Canada has moved to increase the carbon tax and Quebec - with its natural talent to make things worse - is flirting with a Km/hr tax. The most taxed population in all of North America. I'm not sure what we get in return. Have you seen our second-rate public health system? It's an abomination.

Humans conspire. It's what we do. And this time it's coming with a global flavor as the elites seem hell-bent on culling herding all humans into a bio-medical nightmare. 

There are plenty of useful idiots like Oster, to swing back to her, playing their part either unwittingly or otherwise.

Oster is not that bright. She's part of a clueless academic cult that truly believes itself to be the sole gatekeepers and transmitters of....well I'm not sure. Science? Logic? Reason? 

Regardless, it's sufficient to conclude they're not. They were spectacular failures. And we have all the receipts. 

As noted earlier, we broke down and erased with cunning and disturbing ease our common sense and common bonds of ethics and morality.

All of a sudden, asking abhorrent questions about whether people should lose their jobs - which translates into losing their careers and lives - if they refused a medical procedure. We already concluded 75 years ago this is not acceptable. That it runs afoul of human rights. 

Yet, people so clouded by fear thought it to be appropriate. After all, 'you had a choice.'

Some choice.

It's the exact same coercive tactics used by the Mafia. 

If people would get out of their own private bubbles and think for a second they'd see that it was they who were truly selfish.

Not the people who exercised their rights. 

What makes this worse is the fact that it's now evidently and plainly clear the mRNA shots are providing negative efficacy, do not stop transmission and are below average in preventing infection and 'severe disease'.

In other words, they're pure garbage and come with extraordinary risks.

I knew in 2020 they would a) declare masks and vaccines worked and b) that if they failed they would just say 'we didn't know'.

Of course, that too is a lie.

We censored everyone starting with Knut Wittkowski and those two California doctors who spoke out in February and April respectively only to be censored and ghosted by a coordinated takedown.

You could not say a single word challenging all assumptions. Our 'expert class' arrogantly declared they knew the way forward, even though Oster claims they were 'in the dark'.

If they were in the dark, how did we know vaccines would be the only way out?

It was evident by the summer of 2020 - as Stanford's Dr. John Ioannidis (one of the world's most cited scientists) showed and continues to show - this was going to be in line with the flu and hence manageable.

But the narrative and dark forces pushing it ignored it. Too much money and reputations were baked into the response by June 2020. They had it all mapped out.

World renowned and Nobel prize-winning scientists spoke out only to be silenced. Something was amiss from the onset.

How do you go from knowing masks were ineffective to them being the first line of defence in ONE MONTH? We had decades' worth of studies conclusively showing they do little and in fact, could be harmful in community settings. 

What happened to natural immunity? A basic well-known fact of biology? How did we manage before the arrival of mass vaccines in the 1950s? Go take a close look at how many vaccines we pump our children with. Then try and come back and say it's about health. It's all about money. All of it. 

Want more examples of we weren't in the dark? As mentioned earlier, this includes that this is not a natural virus. Astute people - aka conspiracy theorists - warned about passports, digital ID, and endless boosters as a 'subscription treatment' and linking and conflating climate with health. It all happened.

None of it is to our benefit in any way. Health or economic. 

Once it became apparent antivirals like HCQ and Ivermectin helped, the move to suppress treatments was immediate. With treatments available, this meant no EUA by law.

Alas, what law?

We went full-blown rogue into lawlessness.

Because 'emergency' as the Canadian courts have decided to perform a pick and role for the government. Why have a judiciary if you're just going to submit to the government?

It was also known by late 2020 this virus may not be so novel as it was discovered that it may have been in circulation in 2019 or even 2018.

What does this mean? It means lockdowns were never going to work. EVER.

The price?

A lost generation of children because of broken education and development and suicides on the social level. And that's just one issue. 

On the economic, well, look around you. Combined with deliberate climate policies (such as not running oil and gas taps), the lockdowns served to usher in the inflationary period we're witnessing.

You can't shut down an economy and expect no consequences. You may not 'see it' but it's there and it's all attributed back to the lockdowns.

They weren't in the dark. They just didn't care. They weren't going to be hurt by any of it. 

They were cowards and fearful.

They were the ultimate self-centred and selfish class they accused others of being.

Their actions ruptured the civil order. It fractured communities and families.


Nor is anyone appears to be learning. We're seeing dramatic rises in all-cause mortality deaths. Increases in rare cancers and 'sudden deaths' are sometimes due to heart attacks and blood clots.

This phenomenon isn't a surprise. It directly correlates with the rolling out of the vaccines.

Anyone who says they don't know or it's not the cause is deliberately deceiving. While we must continue to treat the evidence carefully, it's getting mighty obvious what's causing this.

Now we see RSV in children. What can possibly be the cause of this? Can it be scientists are inexplicably taunting Mother Nature? 

Don't be so daft and obtuse. 

They know. 

Worse still, they are trying to normalize all this health mayhem on children. This is the point where they can't ask for amnesty but forgiveness. 

I have only touched on some of the issues here but I will stop as this is going on longer than I planned and have a life to tend to.

Emily has become a meme onto herself. She is now part of the lexicon. 

Osterism and 'you've been Ostered' are now real terms.

Mockery is an important way to deal with this.


Hell no.

Not until you show you can course correct (too late for that now anyway) to at least do the right thing and get people out of this ethical mess we're in. 

You must apologize and repent.

The mad scientists involved in gain of function research who are messing around with viruses barely understand anything of what they're doing. They actually think they can outsmart our mysteriously magical and remarkable immune system teeming with trillions of cells more than capable to take on what's thrown at it. Better than any low-quality man-made 'vaccine'. When they touted the mRNA shots, they chanted in excited unison '95% effective!" but the survival rate was 99%. Right there a functional mind would have concluded that's not a good deal. 

Stop using divisive and corrosive rhetoric (as Justin seems to only know) and accept accountability for the sordid and sad state of affairs you helped create and foster.

If not, here's my response:

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