Hang Your Heads In Shame

When God came to us and tested us, you failed.

God didn't give us 'doctors, scientists and vaccines.'

He gave us free will, a mind and an immune system. Mind, body and soul.

You chose to abandon God's work and bowed to the idolatry and superstition.

And hate.

Hate driven by fear masquerading as compassion.

But compassion without love and empathy anchoring it leads to all sorts of dark places.

The authorities and scientists, without wisdom, have convinced you a 'vaccine' is salvation. Denying salvation, they say, leads you to death and hell.

These weren't the words of science but of Satan.

It was deception.

Masks and potions are a sin. Inorganic to human nature.

To all who said vile things rooted in sheer ignorance and fear; in blind trust and hysteria.

To all who supported - and continue to support abhorrent unethical responses like 'health passes' and 'passports' and applaud and cheered a segregated society.

Hang your heads in shame.

Don't declare amnesty.

We decline amnesty.

Ask for penitence. 

For forgiveness.

You failed God's test of eternal love and peace.

Now you must atone for your sins.

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