Rethinking Everything

All those fancy science and medical degrees and Bill Gates money and all they've got to 'fight' a virus they scarce understand is: Masks and boosters!

And 'wash your hands'.

I'd ask for refund.

Notice how it's the same old, same old 'advice' repackaged. 

Hey, but they get to look cool and authoritative 'saving lives'. Some even win awards from McGill like Matthew Oughton for his service to humanity. Well, technically for telling everyone they should be scared, wear a mask and see each on Zoom during Christmas.

I hope Colin Furness, Brian Day, Christopher Labos, Isaac Boguch, Peter Juni and Mylene Drouin all win their fair share of awards. 

Juni is taking his clown show to Oxford though. Hey, maybe he'll bunk with Neil Ferguson and share bedtime stories.

Between them all, where would we be? 


I never liked our Charter. It always struck me as naive and immature; tepid and non-commital. 

To get a sense of our Charter and how it stacks up, just read the Constitutions of other nations and you'll see what I mean. Especially,, obviously, the U.S. Constitution - the king of all such documents.

Of course, Quebec helped play a role in watering down the Charter with the opt-out clause. And as we move forward, the province is becoming more and more bold in threatening to use it.

Quebec drags Canada down because it's a place that doesn't respect individual sovereignty. The collective prevails here. It came from a parochial 'what does it do for us?' perspective. Rather than see the universal principles and values of liberty applies to all humans, it just chose to reduce it to a mechanical document ensuring it can veto something it didn't like because of 'distinct society'.

As we've seen these past two years, we're distinct alright. Again, the other provinces have been abject failures as well but Quebec was especially over-zealous in its application of the Covid tyranny. So much so, it languishes as an outlier in the Western world at the moment. Canada is an outlier among nations but Quebec is an outlier within Canada and the West. Impressive achievement. 

I'm realizing that perhaps Canada was better off without Quebec.

It may add to the cultural flavor but it offers nothing by way of enhancing constitutional freedoms as a nation. Maybe it's better for Quebec to be cut adrift and Canada rewrite its Constitution - once the Liberals are gone of course. 

Not that the rest of the country is any better but Quebec isn't helping.

We're not making each other stronger. 


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