Why Francois Legault, Justin Trudeau And Derelict Cowardly Leaders Of The World Are Criminals

Leaving aside what may be at play beyond Covid, there's a more direct to explain why Western leaders are criminals.

How have they managed to continue their intolerable, appalling and unethical measures?

For starters, they hide behind mad and incompetent medical bureaucrats prepared to take a decrepit and distorted application of the precautionary principle to its messy end. Some, without doubt, are receiving payment for their loyal services. Wink.

They're trapped not just inside a bubble but whatever bubble they're created from that bubble.

They also now run the banana republics they've created like tin pot dictators ruling exclusively by what the polls say. What's interesting about this is the people like more restrictions because they've been conditioned to accept them through incessant and diabolical propaganda by media and government official. Think 'Dark winter'.

It's a vicious cycle that can only be broken by the people.

Finally, and most effectively, they do it through coercion and holding the people hostage. 'Do this or else'. 'We may lift restrictions if you do this.' 'Freedom is restored only if..."

Hostage taking is a crime.

Coercion is unethical. 

Doing it under the guise of public health doesn't change this.

Simple as that.

Hence, they are criminals.

Nuremberg 2. We must make it happen. 


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