Why Do Academics Lean Useful Idiots?

Why do academics and artists always seem to side with the wrong side? Recall how many sucked communist or socialist cock in the 20th century.

The latest childish trend among academics across the West is to call for the boycott of Israel products and universities.

Let me see if I get this straight. Israel, despite all odds, has carved itself out a stable democracy in a sea of absolute Arab chaos. They provide rights and freedom to ALL its citizens including gay Arabs.

It has a successful and vibrant business class and has produced a functional government.

Yet it is the pariah of the UN and left-wing academics and politicians because of the 'occupation'.

It's become a comical thing to watch really.

By contrast, Europe has taken more than it can chew by taking millions of 'refugees' and already we're seeing the problems this is creating. Just google and watch how the elites in Germany, Sweden and Norway are handling it while standing pretty much at odds with their own citizens on the issue.

I think Europe has bigger problems to attend than fricken Israel.

Count me in as one who has little regard for all academics and institutions that sign their shitty little petitions. 

Fucking anti-semites.

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