More Unproductive Racial Nonsense From The Mainstream Media

It's a marvel how this got past an editor. Either they're cynical and have an axe to grind or it's a reflection of the sorry state of modern media.


"100 times a white actor played someone who wasn’t white

Hollywood has moved on from blackface, but it remains terrible at casting people of color."


Meredith Simons is a law student and freelance writer in Durham, North Carolina.



I bet you she didn't do a basic research into the story of Al Jolson. Instead, it's much easier to fall back on the 'blackface was racist' meme to match a contemporary narrative. In fact, if she had done a substantial recount of each of those films I'm betting her premise would fall about pretty quickly because choices are made for a reason.  

Other than that, I doubt she has much of a problem with Jews and Italians playing each other; as was the case with Arthur Fonzarelli the hopelessly cool Sicilian greaser from Happy Days played by Henry Winkler - who has since traded in his leather jacket for cardigans. Or that a black actress is playing the part of Marty Maraschino in Grease Live.

See, I do kinda have a problem with that. 

Grease is based on Italians. Mess with that you mess with the essence of the story. It's not a 'rework to fit the times' crap. It's let's mess with established character to fit a narrative.

Should we recast the ethnicity of movies that reflected the times? For example, the Puerto Ricans in West Side Story? Maybe Italian mobsters can be Romanian? Why not make Bruce Wayne a trans-gender who didn't benefit from white privilege? Oh, I got an idea, let's make the awesome Shaft a spunky Korean! 

Hey, let's fuck up and rewrite ALL OF WESTERN LITERATURE - POP OR CLASSICAL because fairness and diversity! 

Look, I'm just pointing out that two can play this obsessive and ridiculous game progressives engage in. It's right out of the class/race warfare Marxism playbook and all that critical theory bull shit.

I bet Ms. Simons thought she had come up with something unique but in fact is pedantic in its usual search for finding racism in all places.

Other than that, The Washington Post commenters exhibit more free thinking than what I see at The New York Times as they're having none of this nonsense.

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