Trudeau Stand Your Ground Against Di Caprio

This is what it's come to. A left-wing PM dedicated to all things climate change coming to blows with a celebrity.

However, I will give credit where it's due for Trudeau pushing back against Di Caprio's idiotic and hyper rhetoric. While the best advice would have been to ignore him - he's not an elected official - if you're, as leader, going to say something say it in defense of your country.
Meanwhile, Canadians would do well to pay little heed to Baldwin's predictably pedantic tweets supporting his celeb-pal. He's not exactly a model citizen we should look up to.

Hard to do. I know. They're so dreamy and all that.

For some reason, institutions are not immune and seem to believe celebrities have something interesting to say in matters of public policy.

Di Caprio (by posting pics of Canada) and Baldwin in defense of LdiCap, use their fame as bullying tactics. No wonder I outright ignore stupid summits and organizations that pander to this nonsense. All fluff and noise where people can just talk out of their asses.

To me, after years of listening, reading and observing all sides, I've come to the skeptical side of climate change.

Believe me, when Mother Nature has the final say (and I'm guessing it will prove skeptics correct in their assessments), Leonard will recede back into his mansion and fly around in his jet for his birthday bashes all the while leaving a nice carbon footprint. He won't have to face accountability for his actions.

Note to the PM, I wouldn't give celebrities more attention than that.

That aside, I stand oppose to the PM installing expensive policies to "fight" climate change that can damage our economy. I don't believe ONE Canadians should be negatively impacted for measures that will have little or no affect on the environment.  

Leonardo (and his supporters) won't have to face those people. But your legacy will.


That's why I'd cut it out with the selfies and talk show circuit. There's nothing more that screams 'I'm all show' than crap like that. I'd avoid all that shit if I wanted to be taken seriously by truly serious people. I watched Obama play that game and each time he left me with an unfavorable impression.

But hey.

That's just me.

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