Fall Of The West Reason 588667788: Quota Away.

Call me crazy but applying the word 'quota' leaves me with all sorts of disturbing images. To me, whenever I hear someone say 'we need quotas' I hear 'social engineering'.

Not a fan at all.

But this is what the modern progressive belief system has come to embrace. Somewhere, somehow, someone has kept you down. People just ain't getting their fair shake.

Once upon a time Europeans took turns dominating each other. You had the Ancient Greeks and later Romans. Then came the Italians, French, Germans and English each taking stabs at being at the forefront of Western civilization. Imagine, during those great epochs where human achievement was reaching its zenith and apex if some shlep came along and said, 'yeah but the Moldovans just aren't getting a chance! We need a quota!'

Imagine if, when awarding the best minds we apply a quota system. Think about that for a second. Let's say, someone came along and siad, 'You know, not enough black people are represented in the Nobel ranks. They would mistakenly, I surmise, believe getting brothers in the committee will somehow 'normalize' and 'equalize' how prizes are awarded proportionally.

It's all nonsense of course. No one would take them seriously and we shouldn't pay to close attention to the worry that Hollywood isn't 'diverse' enough - another word that I've come to fucken loathe.

I mean, if Hollywood is 'racist' what the heck is going on in fly-over country?

If Idris Elba gets his way - he pleaded in British parliament (why are celebrities getting such platforms?) - there will be quotas. England has lost its minds giving up any modicum of common sense they may have possessed to political correctness and so will thoughtlessly push some 'Iris for the children'  bill through. 

No, I'm not downplaying the possibility there is some unfair practices going on (particularly among blacks) but to me this is not the way to go while at the same is probably the only area, ironically, where things are equal. Everyone gets fucked equally these days.

And with the American whatever awards, so fucking what 20 white people were nominated? Talk about disrespecting those who worked to get the nod. I doubt they care not that 'white' people were often snubbed too - hello Martin Scorsese. But he's a dago so not the same thing because slavery. If not these 20 who should have been replaced for a black actor or actress? Lee doesn't say.

And isn't this in of itself 'racist' to obsess of inanities such as movie award ceremonies? Personally, it's no skin off my back as I've never watched the Oscars or anything like that in my entire life. I was never one for awards - to much bull shit comes with them. Whether it's naming the best athlete or olive oil or peace prize or actor.

Who gives a shit, really? They say it's for recognition. I didn't realize you needed a piece of metal or ribbon to validate your work and existence.

What's the end game exactly? Do they really want to make a mockery of these things to the point everyone just raises a cynical eyebrow? How does this help anyone let alone black artists? Who, if you ask me, don't exactly need help. The outstanding, legendary and influential body of work in American popular culture speaks for itself. Ultimately, I think, it undermines what's been accomplished.

Alas, I'm in the minority. I reckon.

It's not just in the movies we see garbage like this. Trudeau's Liberal party played this meaningless game of diversity in naming his cabinet - as if Harper's cabinet was 100% old, white farted males. In fact, Harper's cabinet was remarkably diverse with one major difference. They weren't insufferable about it nor did the newspapers squawk and fawn over it like they do with Zoolander.

Closer to homel, the Montreal Canadiens have their own version of a 'quota' game going on whereby they don't hire a uni-lingual candidate to coach a lousy fucking hockey team that has been abnormally attached to a culture. When you do shit like that, it makes people do all sorts of stupid things. In this case, a counter-productive self-imposed rule that limits their ability to hire the very best. It's called discrimination across the continent but it gets a pass here because French and "unique".

What's the hubabub, bub? Why the rant, Grant?

I guess to someone who is of mediocre extract, this is perfect. Rooney rule and all that. Never mind about, you know, the merit principle. Throw that shit out! What matters is if you meet an arbitrary and imaginary quota of what constitutes our contemporary notion of equality and diversity.

In other words, a different way to fuck people - who did nothing wrong except excel - up indiscriminately. No matter how you dice and divide it up; how you flip and hop with your mental gymnastics in defense of it; how you pride yourself as being progressive minded it all adds up to one bleeping thing: A race to the bottom.

Bah. I may be reading all this wrong.

A quota system won't displace genius - genius is genius and can't be denied and sometimes easily recognized - but it will over rate mediocre minds.

And there will be consequences to this. We already see it with the closing of Western achievement, the quality of public intellectualism (have you seen what passes as 'smart' debate? On what's going on on campuses in North America?) and our general and collective misunderstanding of the West and its liberal roots. 

But hey, old news. As long as we make two wrongs to equal a right and fix a perceived wrong, Spike Lee (who, for what it's worth, I didn't care for how he depicted Italians in his own movies) is happy.

While Rome burns.



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