Welcome To The Paradise: Sanders' Mind Blown Math

Spot the error. Math really is hard for some.

You see crap like this in different forms all the time.

Reason makes the case Sanders is popular because people are mathematically (and financially) illiterate.

You're probably not of sound math mind if you readily shout 'yeah' to stuff like this. As for how it pertains to Sanders, my take is if you support him, it's for other reasons; math is just not one of them.

Of course, not everyone who supports him is math challenged - my friend who is American is good with the numbers. He just happens to think Sanders will stick it to a system that's awash in cronyism. Personally, Sanders's outlook is likely to worsen cronyism; it'll just be for left-wing causes is all.

However, Sanderss brand of populism does have broad appeal for a segment of the population that chooses to ignore (or are blatantly ignorant of) numbers to fit the ideal.

This is where we're told to look at the 'big picture'. I don't care for the argument that we need to 'see the big picture' because it's a cop out and usually means 'look at my big picture'. Never mind that treating ' the big picture' as if it's science is bull shit and leaves one open to emotional narratives.

That he presents what I regard to be dubious if not irrational economic premises doesn't mean I have to ignore them for the narrative. That's absurd and is no different than the 'talking down to people' we see from Trump.

To progressives numbers are just abstract illusions.  Numbers can and will be bent and molded into anything they want them to be. Hence, all the cost bending and financial sophistry spent making figures fit narratives.

Good for them.

It all makes sense...until someone loses an eye.

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