Self-Absorbed, Useless Idiots Who Care Not For Justice

I hope the Greg Alan Elliott exposes once and for all the pathetic nature of SJW culture and the sort of people who inhabit its ranks. It's a pity and outrageous the company he represented for17 years fired him. A real shame they didn't stand by him. 'Greg, you're a great guy and have done great work for us over the years, but you know..."

Over what exactly?

A pair of twats.

Reilly and Guthrie, the two morons, are nothing but a pair of trouble-makers and deserve all the scorn they deserve.

Ah, to call names. Freedom of speech is lovely.

I highly doubt they and the SJW tribe they represent have any clue of what constitutes justice in any meaningful or intellectual manner that could contribute to Western civilization. I'm guessing Beccaria and Dostoyevsky aren't in their libraries.

Too see such creatures in action just head over to places like Salon or Jezabel; ignorant hacks who simply play a victim card for a living.

Hopefully, soon, they all just...whither.

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