True Enlightenment Is Giving The Middle Finger To Busy Bodies

I read the other day the richest busy body nanny this side of Suckit Ave., Michael Bloomberg is considering throwing his intrusive butt into the Presidential race as an Independent.

He can do whatever he wants but I hope he fails. What society doesn't need is another control freak telling people what to do.

I have, as you can tell, a problem with people who think they can deal with our vices and virtues through the punitive measures enforced and coerced by the state.

There's nothing caring or compassionate in that shitty way of thinking. In fact, banning, fining and arresting people for things run afoul of the state and subsequently outlawed is barbaric. It's stupid. It's ignorant. Nor do I accept it's forward or progressive thinking. Indeed, this silliness should be rejected outright.

It not only creates a class of victims and felons of otherwise usually productive and law-abiding people but it creates black markets because people will search out what they want.

Simple as that.

So why does the government consistently and constantly look to punish people instead of considering far more enlightened and wise approaches?

Personally, whenever I see someone utter the contemptible words 'the government oughta ban' I ignore them outright - along with a sense to want to punch them in the nose.

So nice of you to worry about the next guy. It's never about your interest but always about serving another persons interest.

All these laws strip people of their moral agency and hand added, unnecessary powers and stress on the bureaucracy.

Banning sugar or salt, taxing sodas (who wants to bet none of these measures will have an impact on obesity; itself a misunderstood health issue) and cigarettes, keeping marijuana illegal etc. - all things people have always consumed and will always consume whether illegal or not - usually has the opposite effect of what bureaucrats aim for - this is a reality we've come to observe it almost because an axiom of life; a natural law if you will.

Have the decency and strength to accept you can't change things and no matter how over-zealous that little Angelic voice is in your brain, it's best to recall the only power you will have is to make a mess.

The best and only way to deal with vices is to educate, legalize and manage where voluntary action is permitted to over take coercive measures. That's true compassion; enlightenment. It's the best way to show you care.

I don't expect Bloomberg and his ilk to come around to this point of view but the best way is for us who have to deal with the results and unintended consequences unleashed is to keep bringing the point up. 

It's not like we have guns or the power to levy fines to enforce, right?


  1. I don't think Bloomberg and others like him realize the world-in-general is, essentially, "Chinatown".
    No matter what bothers you or disturbs or offends you, the facts are: You can't really do anything about them anyway. One just has to learn to accept things and (somehow) live with them (or among them anyway).

    1. With Bloomberg it's especially grotesque as he's on record saying it's his and government's job to to something about it. That's some ego an that guy. I agree with you.


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