The CBC Is Embarrassing Itself

I think it's time the Canadian Taxpayers Federation begin the process of giving Canadians an 'opt-out' on their taxes where the CBC is concerned.

Consider these headlines: 

Bono, Spacey and DiCaprio: Trudeau chats with trio of celebrities at Davos reception
Trudeau distances himself from Harper in Davos
Trudeau's political honeymoon the envy of Davos
Interactive comparison of Trudeau and Harper

Fawn away CBC. Fawn away.

And then comes Davos. I don't know what they're seeing but I'm seeing a selfie-happy PM painfully out of his depth. But it's okay, there's our public broadcaster allegedly speaking for all Canadians getting his back:

Trudeau touts Canada's diversity and resourcefulness in Davos

Contrast this to its aggressive behavior against Harper. Apparently, only a certain segment of Canadians the CBC seems to want to respect.

If the CBC wants to play the teeny-bopper infatuated with its pop star, fine. Then have the guts to go private and go straight to the portion of its audience for donations.

It's outrageous that I have to pay for this sort of journalism through taxes with no say.

They say the CBC speaks for all Canadians.

Not this one they do.

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