The Government Tries To Bully Free Speech At Reason

I have dozens upon dozens of links and articles to get to which I hope to start pimping out like a Duggar.

Most notable among them is the aggressive thuggery from the office of Pweet Bhara against Reason Magazine and six anonymous commenters in the aftermath of the Silk Road verdict handed down by one Judge Katherine Forrest.

It was an egregious assault on civil liberties of epic proportions filled with bull shit subpoenas and gag orders. The U.S. government, with all it has to deal with, was pushing its fat weight around going after six little commenters for saying vulgar things. Seems throwing one kid in prison for life wasn't enough for them. Nope. They wanted more. Like Zombies who can't get enough of human flesh.

The one thing that immediately came into my head is just how many smaller entities that can't fight back have these people accosted?

There isn't a woodchipper large enough that can take in the utter thin-skinned arrogance of these clowns. I have quite a few choice words and descriptive adjectives for what I think of these bullies.

But (perhaps) more on that later. In the meantime, you can read about it here at Reason.

Popehat was, I believe, the first major blog to discuss the matter.

I think it's only fair to disclose I'm an active member of Reason magazine and its community including financially supporting the publication with donations.


Reason is the single most influential and interesting magazine I've come across having me get in touch with classical liberal thought long forgotten. They discuss essential topics with a sharp consistency and offer clarity in a time where hyperbolic and emotional impulses drive narratives as well as, most important, a principled stance in the defense of human liberty. There isn't one publication that goes to such great lengths perhaps save some conservative presses.

But what makes Reason especially unique are its commenters. There isn't a more eccentric, successful, well-versed, well-traveled collection of diverse and interesting characters and personalities in one single community than what blesses Reason. It is everything you expect and demand from free minds. It is indeed the 'Animal House' of comments threads on the internet but do not be fooled by the vulgarity and calculated and deliberate insistence on immature banter.

Nestled inside the loud talking, burping and swearing is the dizzying collection of links accompanied with more thoughtful, lucid and intelligent comments you'll likely find anywhere.

And funny as hell too.

Remember 7:01!

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