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Yes, yes, I'm working on a Daily Derp Update. Hold you panties.

But for now behold the sparkles of intellectualism courtesy of the comments community over at the New York Times:

Jim NYC 21 hours ago
All of Uber's statements are Orwellian. Case in point: 'demands of the marketplace.' When you break laws and avoid regulations to gain advantage and undercut legitimate business, it no longer qualifies as free market supply and demand.

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115 people can really be this insipid, eh?

Taxis are monopolized and unionized racket, pal.

Uber is the greatest thing to happen to this industry. And in case you haven't noticed you illiterate (the only Orwellian gibberish I see is in the comment), Uber's wild popularity is an example of 'demands of the marketplace' you communist buffoon. People like Jim would have you forced to accept inferior service because 'social good'.

I absolutely love how Uber has statists like this guy creating drops of salty tears.


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