Gun Violence On Decline In The U.S.

I'm starting to lose my energy to blog.

I endeavor, however, to carry on.


Celebrities (is there anything they don't know?) are kicking up a 'Wear Orange' campaign against gun violence.

Filling in their 'I dids somtings fors goods' quota I reckon.

Here's some information easily accessible on the internet (punch in, for example, 'gun violence decline United States statistic) and watch the magic unfold before your eyes drowning you in knowledge.

Like this from Pew Research:

"Gun Homicide Rate Down 49% Since 1993 Peak; Public Unaware"


Or Fact Check.

These are just some quick mainstream outlets reporting. There are other important studies easily found.

Which makes me wonder. Are these people that lazy that they can't use their fingers and brains the good Lord provided us to look this shit up?

And it's not like it's that complicated to rationalize or comprehend. Look at the trends, cross-reference the information with other sources and it should be suffice for you to, well, not feel the need to wear orange t-shirts.

I've provided plenty of interesting and legitimate gun stats over the last couple of years in addition to this so I've done my bit to dispel perceptions on gun violence helping to bring some light to the issue.

It's tiring to keep bringing perspective.

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