Land Of The Free In Rhetoric Only

Man, this has been a horrible past couple of weeks for freedom of speech and expression.

We all know it's a matter of time before speech gets more and more regulated - the 'I'm for free speech but' assholes are winning the war.

Take for instance the degenerates over at the Department Of Justice (ha, ha) going after six commenters at Reason.com.

As an avid reader of Reason, I actually recognized a couple of those names and lemme tell ya, that the DOJ is wasting their time with this only makes me wonder about the overall usefulness to humanity they represent.

The others are infrequent commenters and don't reflect at all the overall essence of Reason. Though, the community can be highly critical of the Obama administration (rightfully so) as they were with Bush. Obama is not a fricken god. He's a politician and criticism of him is just, legal, and essential to a vibrant citizenry. 

The most powerful nation in world history now goes after comments threads.

Seems like the DOJ is taking seriously the 'violent' rhetoric directed at the judge who ruled in the Silk Road case. A ruling that was so outrageous it made mockery of the idea of justice in the United States.

Quite frankly, the judge deserves every single hard and harsh criticism hurled her way. From what I read, corruption filled the DEA and FBI ranks in the matter. Alas, they got their man, right?

Apparently, in America you're increasingly not allowed to insult your betters in law enforcement.

It's a chilling and sober reminder of all that I (and many others) rail against when it comes to the coercive arm of the state. If it so chooses, they will destroy you.

They'll call it justice but it's easy to cynically assert it has nothing to do with it.

I am quite comfortable in asserting that the people who put this sucker in prison for life with no parole serve little valuable function to humanity.

He deserved a punishment but not this.

But hey. They all sleep at night believing justice was served.

And that's all that matters.


Reason itself has faced attacks from middling little minds. Take, for instance, the hipster twirps at the laughably named rationalwiki who probably can't tell the difference between St. Jerome, Frederick Bastiat and a flapping, flying mechanized vagina because of the mulch that clogs up their mundane brains.

Let's get one thing straight. There are very few publications out there as honest, and philosophically consistent and intelligent as Reason. Absent are the shrill antics and vapid appeals to emotions and hyper-partisan garbage that has come to mark contemporary North American politics.

Moreover, that the left-wing, know-nothing, smart-alec, statist poops who make up the vast nether world of stagnant pseudo-intellectualism (and comedians) don't grasp the basic easily understood tenets of classical liberal/libertarian thought only serves to point to their abject ignorance and boring stupidity.  It's not surprising they hold the oft abstract and nuanced and profoundly varied comments threads laced with wicked humor (not always suited for the corroded irrational impulses of the misguided, dishonorable pearl clutching PC/SJW crowd) filled with a gigantic collection of spirited, well-traveled, educated, successful, interesting and eclectic free and independent minds with such contempt.

It's too much for their cemented and demented zero-sum and trivial pontifications to process.

Where was I?

Oh yes.

My bagel is ready.


  1. Soon the internet will come with a disclaimer:
    Insight, Analysis, Humor and Imagination Prohibited In This Area

  2. "Land Of The Free" ...
    Nobody believes THAT lie once they've grown up, now, do they?
    I mean, they teach you those mantras and rhetoric during grade school and junior high and at cub scout meetings and such
    ...but we're adults now. We're old enough to face facts and to think for ourselves. We shouldn't be still living in fantasyland.


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