Bill 101: Quebec's Hillbilly Tag

I've hit a bit of a wall. But leave it to Quebec to pull me back in.

Couillard is going full hillbilly suggesting tightening Bill 101 for corporations is on the horizon claiming it's a question of 'courtesy.'

The stupid. It burns. Not a shred of fucken evidence international signs are A) rude and B) hurt Quebec's French language. A language, I might add, they teach poorly.

How many ways can we call this mentality hick?

Moreover, why do they insist on causing linguistic tension where there is none except for the usual idiots? Why would you antagonize big business this way? 

Courtesy my ass. But he has no problem that Cirque du Soleil keeps its French name abroad correct?

Quebec needs to get over itself. Seriously.

Extremely disappointed in Couillard.

I thought he was smarter than that.

Personally, I wish companies just turn around and calculate it's not worth putting up with Quebec's insecure rubbish and pull out or avoid the province.

Not only that, I will increase my shopping in the USA - exchange rate be damn.

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