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Steyn on Reason.

It's easy to just forget about what the government did to Reason magazine; especially if you don't read the publication. Out of sight, out of mind, right? This is precisely when you should care for the injurious and outrageous action of  US Attorney Preet Bharara and Assistant US Attorney Niketh Velamoor as well as Judge Frank Maas (I can't believe someone didn't read the comments and kicked those two out of the office).  It literally can happen to anyone; even you.

There is no such thing as 'if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about' these days in North America. You can run afoul with your Top Men betters at any given point if your timing is miserable and if they want to make an example of you. Oh, and they will find a way as we've learned. They will stretch the law to make it fit whatever they want while Judges will just go along for the ride.

Exactly who do these guys think they are? That they carry a badge and wear a robe they think they can treat citizens in this manner? If you ask, me they deserve every single verbal chewing they get for they made their beds. And then some. Same for Judge Katherine Forrest. In fact, I'm gonna find a way to memorialize these four on this blog. The Four Fuckeroos vs. The Woodchipper Boys documentary or something.

Makes you wish there was a chute you can open and send them to the back of the line flipping burgers or something. Actually, flipping burgers is an honorable job next to what these bullies pulled.

You know, I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth wasting a perfectly fine woodchipper on these idiots.

I post about it for the simple reason, as Steyn points out, they must know and learn they aren't above the law or citizens no matter what they think in their petty, egotistical minds.

"...Indeed. Reason's attorney Gayle Sproul called Assistant Goon Velamoor to talk over the case. Assistant Goon Velamoor then went and got his gag order yet did not send it to Counselor Sproul but to Reason's publisher, Mr Alissi, direct. Popehat again:

Niketh Velamoor had three purposes in sending that message directly to Alissi: to vent the petulance of momentarily thwarted power, to intimidate Reason by threatening it directly, and to undermine the relationship between Reason and its attorney.
That's right. I know next to nothing about the law, as Popehat will be the first to tell you, but I'm in enough suits at any one time that, of the two or three things I do know, one is that it's a serious breach for one lawyer to bypass the other lawyer and contact the opposing party directly. If me or my lawyer were to call Michael Mann up at home to run a draft pleading by him, the court would come down on us very hard. No doubt Frank Rubber-Stamp Maas will take a more indulgent view. But when the Government does it, it's even worse: it's an exercise in pure muscle."

Niketh sounds like a really upstanding and professional guy. A real credit to his peers and profession. A laugh and riot a minute at the local watering hole and bowling alley.  A positive influence on all things decent and legal.

Remember. All over a couple of words uttered in obvious frustration on a comments thread.

"...But whoop-de-doo. My description of Michael E Mann's "hockey stick" graph is also protected speech, and so, after it's cost me half-a-decade of my life and a significant seven-figure sum, some judge marginally less inept than Natalia Combs Greene (or, if we take the really long road, five out of nine judges, and a significant eight-figure sum) will rule that it was legal for me to say what I said. And then everyone will say, "Well, the process worked" - as some boobs did up north after Maclean's and I saw off no fewer than three "human rights" commissions.
Hard to believe even people who've never been in court can believe that that's the process "working". John Hayward quotes a familiar line:
As author Mark Steyn, embroiled in his own ridiculous Kafka nightmare in defense of his free speech rights, has observed: "The process is the punishment." The Reason authors point out that fighting the government in a situation like this can be enormously expensive and time-consuming. There is virtually no way to "quash" such a flimsy investigation at the outset; once the government pulls you into its legal roller coaster, you have to take the ride.

Indeed. They can ruin you with the process. And the finks know it.

The process didn't work, The process is corrupted and shallow is what it is.


Las Vegas Review Journal.

People are talking.

And that's a good thing.

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