Staggering Hypocrisy

Three tobacco companies have been ordered to pay smokers $15 billion in 'moral' damages. The plaintiffs alleged the companies 'hid' the health risks associated with smoking.

Where to begin with the bull shit?

Moral? Shit, is this a road they want to go down? Government is but one gigantic cess pool of hypocritical and immoral activities who profit all this crap. The government is the last agent of morality we should be listening to.

The 'hid' argument rings hollow and asinine given cigarettes have been forced to disclose all sorts of Surgeon General warnings in their packs. People have been aware of the hazards of smoking since the 1960s as noted by its 'cancer stick' nickname.

It takes one special idiot to claim they didn't know of the dangers. The anti-smoking campaign as to be among one of the most ubiquitous awareness program I've come across. It's impossible to not have come across some literature on TV, papers or the radio saying as much. You can't take a piss without coming across a 'don't smoke' poster.

This line of defense should have been laughed off.

Ignorance, we're often told, is not a defense. Yet, somehow it is in this case.

What really annoys me is these sorts of settlements simply continue to signal to society they're not responsible for their own actions and choices. 'Oh, you got lung problems due to smoking a product no one forced you to purchase? Poor you! It's not your fault!'

Why stop at cigarettes? Why not go after alcohol for all the diseases - not to mention DUI's that result in death - it causes? What about the vice of gambling?

And in each of these three, the government collects an outrageous amount of taxes. The government, I reckon, actually pulls in more than the companies do in sales!

What about Coke, Pepsi, Folgers, Hershey's, Mr. Christie, McDonald's, and Tim Hortons? Why should they all get a free pass because of the hysteria surrounding health? After all, they're all producing 'junk food' and Lord knows people abuse those products.

The cult of the envy is also the cult of blame others.

Not good.

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