Ask Yourself

By now, if you're not asking questions, you really are asleep or are sheep. Perhaps you need to sit this one out and maybe not offer an opinion - or even vote. Because you're hopeless. If you still think this is about a virus, you need to stay home and let the rest of us get on with it.

Some questions to be asked - on top of the dozens upon dozens built up the last 22 months:

Why are Sweden and UK suddenly giving into measures? Sweden got on well without them and is now jumping on this train? Why? Omicron looks like a mild disease does it not? A large portion of the UK population well over 80% if not 90% have antibodies. So why the passports? Same with Russia. 

We know the vaccines are barely effective with Delta (and I do think they're playing with the efficacy data) and may be evading Omicron. And don't tell me they're going to have a vaccine ready because this year the so-called experts once again guessed wrong this year's strain of the flu. 

I notice 'cases' are shooting up here but hospitalizations are not rising. In fact, they're dropping. The government is once again deceiving the public and whipping up fear based on 'cases'.

How do you feel dear vaccinated? Because you were lazy or too scared buying into all the propaganda you erroneously calculated you would take your two shots and get your liberty back. Anyone who believed that is a naif.

Many of us on this side warned you that's not how they were going to play it. They were going to continue to move goal posts so long as you keep complying. Power is an aphrodisiac.

The only way you get your liberty back is if you call their bluff and tell them to fuck off.

None of this is legal, ethical or scientific.

I keep repeating. 

Now you have another test. Boosters.

STAY AWAY from the boosters if it's coerced. That means they will force you onto a fourth and a fifth and so on. All tied to your stupid passports you idiotically support. Passports that DO NOT keep you safe. But they do reveal how cruel and myopic you are thinking you did the right thing while sticking it to those people who chose to not get vaccinated.

Someone told me she and her boyfriend say they were lied to too and feel stupid for taking the shot. She was forced to take it because of her in-vitro plans to get pregnant,

This is the caliber of our system we have. Not very compassionate or enlightened now is it?

She now has persistent numbness in her thigh. Of course, the quacks claim they don't know what it is but they know it's not the vaccines.

This lie has to come crashing down. 

And we need to find our courage to push back and demand a debate about the concept of vaccines.


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