U.S. Campuses Out Of Control

"Assistant Director of Inclusion and Student Engagement".

How's that for a job title? If this sends shivers down your spine, it should.

If this hasn't convinced you a thick veil of darkness has descended upon campuses nothing will.

This is straight out of 1984.

How profoundly ignorant of history (which makes them dangerous in my eyes given, you know, they work in an institution of higher education) are Ms. Rowlett, Berry and Prange? A trio of dingbats who seem to be more interested in the tomfoolery of their titles than actual intellectualism.

Courtesy of the geniuses from Millikin University.

“Millikin University is committed to fostering a community of inclusiveness that respects difference amongst all students,” she wrote in the letter, a copy of which was provided to Campus Reform by a fraternity member who wishes to remain anonymous. “It is my hope that the men of [Tau Kappa Epsilon] utilize this as an educational opportunity to explore the concept of intent vs. impact with regard to cultural appropriation.”

Oh fuck off already with this tripe. This cultural appropriation nonsense is an evil that needs to be eradicated. I have but one question for Rowlett: Does she eat pizza and pasta? If yes, she's *culturally appropriating* Italian culture. This alone should give pause or act as a slap to the face jolting someone out of their faux-intellectual misery.

The government, experts in making a mess of life, had its role to play helping to unleash unintended consequences students are facing by their cowardly deans and other middle-earth trolls guarding over them. Idiotic things like Title IX have been used as a tool to suppress and hurt people.

Obama, who would have been wise to keep out of this nonsense, had his hand to play in all this sick madness of unintended consequences.

People have been taking to pen about how Obama is the 'greatest President in their lifetime' and that he's 'changed the paradigm.'

To the former, we can but snicker but to the latter. I'm afraid he has.

And for the worse I reckon.


What we need here is a full frontal rebellion.

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  1. When I think these students will become leaders in the government someday, I fear for the Republic (do they even know it is a republic?)And, of course, freedom of speech means "only those things I agree with."


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