Stop Bill 64

Quebec is proposing its own long-gun registry for some reason. And once again it's not based in any solid reasoning except for applying the precautionary principal.

How rare are multiple deaths by long-guns? We have to stretch back over 25 years Polytechnique massacre at the hands of Marc Lepin. Yet, we still insist to do something. The fact we haven't seen an event of this type only proves it was an outlier event.

Yet, we still hear about it as if it's a good reason to infringe on the civil liberties of people.

In a province and in a country that has low homicide rates, I wonder why the need for it. I fall into the category of people who feel this will simply penalize law-abiding citizens.

Never mind the disaster that was the long-gun registry at the Federal level that was rebuked by the Auditor-General. And this being Quebec, I don't expect it to be any better.

"With a comically unbelievable price tag of $17 million to set up Quebec’s new gun registry and another $5 million per year to run it, reasonable people are left wondering if Couillard discovered some magic elixir to keep the cost way, way down. After all, the CBC reported that the old national long-gun registry cost Canadians over $2 billion and over 25 per cent of Canada’s firearm owners live in “la belle province.”

Like I said. It's Quebec. They won't keep costs down. It's amazing really. No matter how many example of waste we have we still insist on tomfoolery. My Lord, just look at Quebec daycare and the financial mess it became.

Allow me a quick thought on daycare. We've come full circle. It's looking like more and more subsidized daycare is running its course while CPE's are probably not going to dominate the landscape anymore.

This is the part where Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders - who push for universal daycare and pre-k services - should shut up (yes, shut their left-wing utopian nonsense) a second and listen to someone who actually knows about this business.

Prior to 1995, Quebec had a normal daycare industry. Then the PQ stepped in (to help the working poor which of course didn't really happen according to plan. What does whenever the government ever intervenes in a private industry that didn't need its two-cents?) and subsidized daycare with the probable plan to kill off private daycare in the long-run. Of course, a funny thing happened on the way to the Rainbow and Unicorn room. Cost over runs were out of control.

Rather than admit a mistake or try and properly fix it (to the extent the government can fix anything) they even did their best to warn people about the 'inferior services' offered in the private sector. Which of course, was and still is a flat out lie. It's amazing how far they're willing to go to potentially harm private businesses run by Quebecers to push their own misguided agenda and schemes. Apparently, those families that depend on their business or a private service 'didn't count' when push came to shove.

So the Mme. Marois and the PQ get a big middle finger (the Italian salute as it were) for directly insulting me and people like me.

Now public sector workers are fighting 'austerity' measures in daycare. But the fact is they got something they should never have gotten in the first place. This is not austerity. This is bringing sanity back to the books.

And so here we are, slowly reverting back to the North American norm and mean. Quebecers will just have to adjust and accept we're not anymore special than anyone on the continent. We certainly didn't have the wealth or cash flow to justify it and with our debt levels, cutting subsidies in daycare was a no-brainer.

Progressive policies have to stop or else we'll end up like Europe down the road. And no, it's not a model to emulate.

Which brings me back to the gun-registry.

There's no justification for it and the Couillard government - showing itself to be utterly banal - is on cue to become yet another stake in the heart of Quebec waste and corruption with this nonsense.

Quebec has far more bigger problems to tackle. 

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