Canada's Shame: Selling Arms To Saudis Just Business

Listening to pundits on the radio talk about the export permits surrounding selling tanks to Saudi Arabia, I was astonished to hear them talk about this with indifference and defend the export permit two explanations excuses were given. 

First up was conservative Geoff Norquay saying along the lines, 'hey, it's the way things are and if we start picking and choosing who are bad countries we'd have no clients and then we'd be looking at ourselves in the mirror!'

Work that strawman Norquay. Work it real good. Whip it.

For fuck sakes, all we're saying is don't sell to regimes that have been known to use weapons on their own people. It's quite a simple line to draw and no one would fault us for doing it.

Later he conceded where money and jobs pit against human rights, the former wins.

The very same reasons Canadians criticize the big bad Americans for.

What were you saying about mirrors, Jeff?

The other was from Jonathan Goldbloom representing the - scowls - the Liberals.

His take? Israel didn't make a stink about it.


What's your point?

The Liberals often criticized Harper for not espousing Canadian values enough abroad and now we're supposed to overlook the rhetoric set forth by this government where human rights are concerned?

I thought Canada was...back?

I couldn't care less what Israel thinks because it has nothing to do with them. It has everything to do with the integrity of this government. Match up our rhetoric on human rights with damn action or else piss off. I wouldn't be all worked up about it had the Liberals not played the holier than thou Vaudevile act prior to this. However, they did and they deserve to be reamed for it.

Finally, it's been asserted there's no proof Saudi Arabia has used Canadian arms on its own citizens.


We know this is a country that routinely imprisons and executes people. It's not a stretch to assume one day one of our arms will be used to kill innocent people.

Yes, that means you and me have blood on our hands. Don't accept or be fooled by such tomfoolery. This is a deal that should not have been signed.

I don't think selling to the Saudi Arabians would have hurt us all that much. At least we'd have our dignity. Moreover, we wouldn't have to snicker and laugh the next time Trudeau pulls one of his drama humanist shtick.

I guess being part of the left-wing liberal tent means never needing to put your money where your mouth is. The Liberals are nakedly proving it's easier to sprout niceties about human rights and *values* from afar or as opposition.

Never mind that Stephane 'Where's my balls?' Dion and his party led by the PM basically flat out lied to the Canadian public.

Not bad. Just four months in and the government has already broken not one but two promises. First up was the budget; specifically with small business where promises made but were shamelessly ignored and now this. Man, that's cynicism.

The other thing the Liberals are working on is a Parliamentary hearing on electoral reform where they will look to - I presume -  rig reforms in their favor. This was better suited for a non-partisan Royal Commission. By taking the Parliamentary route the Liberals are just tempting being charged with lack of credibility down the road.

The amateur hour will run for three more years and nine months in Parliament.

So much for that wholesome bit about Canadian values, eh?

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