Like The Conservative Ad Said: Trudeau Is Just Not Ready

Here's my take on the kerfuffle in Parliament in point form:

1 - Why did Trudeau leave his seat? Probably because he saw his assisted suicide bill dying and was frustrated by what the NDP and Conservatives were doing.

2- The defense of the Prime Minister is lame. I've read anywhere from he was 'saving democracy' (hey, why not?) to it was 'much ado about nothing'. Or we can go the false equivalence route as CTV's Barry Wilson did in his Postscript. I really don't care about those places. I mean, is he really comparing Canada to Kenya and the Ukraine? Why not, say, a comparable Western democracy? Right, doesn't fit the narrative.

What I do care about is the at the end of the day the Liberals made all sorts of fluffy noises about bringing dignity back to Parliament thus leading people to make ridiculous eye-rolling empty phrases like 'My Canada is back'.

What I care about is he lacks judgment. A person that makes this many apologies (dating back to before the election) deserves to have his judgment questioned.

What I care about was his body language that's been completely overlooked. Notice how arrogance and impetuousness got the better of him.

What I care about is the fact Harper never acted in so a poor a manner and had he done so, my God, the media and people's reactions would have been apoplectic. And we all know it.
3- Let's get to the nuts and bolts of it. On Democracy. What the NDP and Conservatives were doing is NOT anti-democratic but the very essence of it. They were using legitimate procedural options to demand debate on the bill.  The Liberals on the other hand had 4 closures to try and ram the bill through without debate. So, it looks like Trudeau was frustrated at the prospect of his bill dying. Sounds like the Liberals "assisted" in creating this incident. They sure have a funny interpretation of Canada.

Apologists for Trudeau have claimed the Tories and NDP were 'obstructing democracy'. Nonsense.  Parliamentary politics is meant to be 'oppositional' and it's the oppositions job to OPPOSE. Not compromise per se.

Nor is it "toxic".  The Rat Pack v. Mulroney, Pierre Trudeau's confrontational and authoritarian style, Dief the Chief versus Pearson - we've seen this before.

Aside from that, I detect a little level of full of shitness from liberals on this. When Harper was in power, they demanded he govern according to the '66% who didn't vote for him' and were outraged at every decision he took to preserve his government or pass bills. Yet, they cheer on the Liberal party of Canada in ramming a bill without debate. Suddenly, 66% of the people don't matter anymore.

Funny that.

4 - As noted above, in the end, this points to judgment. There's a certain misplaced cockiness that leaves me somewhat uncomfortable.

Never mind, that just five months in this is probably one of the most tumultuous and amateurish starts to leadership I've witnessed. The lies have been quite impressive. He's already failed on making Parliament more 'civil', already has a scandal with the Saudi arms deal, he lied to numerous groups in the budget and is giving every indication he can be just as 'authoritarian' as his predecessor was.

Looks like the PM is learning on the job and it shows. Maybe he needs to tone down his vainglory selfies. For if he keeps this up, there may even be a vote of non-confidence in the future.

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