Strange Logic

According to progressives (and liberal thinking for the most part), a person who builds their own business A) didn't really do it because they either exploited labour or did so thanks to roads built by others and  B) don't deserve the spoils of their rewards and must give it back through taxes.

If they could they would indeed come up with a salary cap. The person who invests and risks their time and capital shall have no right to a higher income than the lowest ranking worker because egalitarianism! They sit around doing nothing all day anyway so...FAIR!


A union boss who earns over 500k a year (Syndicate bosses in Quebec are among the wealthiest people) like the head of the AFT (American Federation of Teacher) escapes criticism despite her salary coming off the backs of workers by way of TAXES paid for the rest of society.

At least in the former there's some wealth and job creation taking place keeping the economy alive which keeps tax revenues flowing to pay for...you know the rest.

Strange logic indeed.

As for CEO's (public enemy #1 and now (figuratively) #4 on the FBI's most wanted list), that's a matter for shareholders. Each company has its own unique and multiple circumstances that determine a CEO's salary (and bonus). The CEO doesn't 'take' or dictate his or own salary.

But in the 'one-size fits all, one-dimensional' mind set of a progressive all CEO's are one and the same.

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